The culture of wearing jewellery is a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

Jewellery which is always been the treasure from the past which we have always adored our granny’s or great granny’s wearing in there special moments which is still carried from their daughters to us .  We at Sanjay Jewellers have preserved all these memories from the past and made them to make you look the show stopper in your traditional attire to mesmerize you and your happiness. We have an impressive array of Antique Jewellery ranging from Necklaces, Bangles , Earrings & accessories.

Every antique piece is a pure timeless, classic & exquisite blend of traditional mystique and contemporary glamour.

With the Gold prices touching the sky Silver and Fashion Jewellery is the best affordable alternate for trend lovers with options as many as u want for kids, teens, mid age, elders.

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