Temple jewellery designs are some of the oldest designs in India and are essentially the most popular form of traditional jewellery.  Indian women adore their temple jewellery and can be seen flaunting these precious remnants of the past with their traditional attires to portray a classy appeal. it is a kind of Ethnic Jewellery which is designed in various forms of Gods and Goddesses. These designs are inspired by historic architecture, paintings and statues of temples, gods and goddesses.

People in south India give more importance to jewellery for royalty. The design of these jewellery itself makes it look so magnificent that it can even go with an understated outfit TOO.

Traditionally, temple jewellery is made in gold but at Sanjay Jewellers we have got an exclusive in-house production which is made in pure silver and gold polished making it exact replica of gold.

Another thing that makes temple jewellery exclusive is the fact that these designs are mostly handmade by extremely skilled craftsmen, whose ancestors were jewellery makers for the Royals.

An exclusive range of temple jewellery consists of necklaces , earrings , bangles , hair accessories , waist belt , arm belt and much more.

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